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Vijaykiran Learning Centre

Vijay Kiran Group initiated its operations in 1996, with the mission of driving change and innovation to human needs and wants. Our group Chairman and Managing Director, Dr. N Vijaya Kumar set off the journey with the setting of National Centre for Excellence, CVR in 2006. His passion drove him to start National Centre for Excellence, JBN and Hayagriva Schools.

VijayKiran Group is a parent company of the Vijay Kiran Learning Centre (VKLC). VKLC was established in 2018 with a focus on providing master training and solutions to educational institutions for strategic success.

VKLC was set up with the core belief - ‘The Teacher is a consistent learner’. Professional development plans guide the teachers to scape up their competencies and in turn enhance student achievement. We provide learning platforms for all stakeholders based on their need.

We support, coach and develop your leaders

Driving Education Excellence

We are a training, research and development centre focused on both supporting your team to achieve their goals and also empowering them with the skills they need in order to succeed within an organization. Our goal is to empower future leaders within your organisation by teaching them how to enhance their leadership skills, whether that involves enhancing their communication, teaching/learning or developing other vital aspects of the job so that they are better prepared for what lies ahead in the future of education. We understand how important it is to ensure employees upscale best educational practices.

Vijaykiran Learning Centre - Driving Excellence in Education
Vijaykiran Learning Centre - Vision Mission

Our Vision

VKLC’s vision is to inspire excellence and innovation towards whole school development by building robust school eco-systems through training, interventions, feedback and follow-up.

Our Mission

VKLC’s mission is to develop a hub of quality educational practices and empower educational institutions in their endeavour to build capacity for all their stakeholders.

Passion with precision in what we do

Vijaykiran Learning Centre

  1. How to lead a successful school ?
  2. How to design and implement a strategic plan for a successful school ?
  3. How to create an action research process ?
  4.  How to create new educational policies ?
  5. How to create a career forward focus ?
Vijaykiran Learning Centre - Objectives


  • We provide quality training and development solutions that align with your goals and objectives
  • We have created and delivered training programmes that have had a positive impact on businesses and organizations
  • We develop training solutions that are customized to your needs and audience, ensuring lasting impact and increasing productivity
Vijaykiran Learning Centre - Driving Excellence in Education
Vijaykiran Learning Centre - Driving Excellence in Education


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