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The Bridge – Knowledge to World Careers

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“Let us remember: one book, one pen and one teacher can change the world.” – Malala Yousafzai, children’s activist

As they say, "You are what you eat." Thus, the stage of child-raising is a very important one and can greatly affect character, beliefs, personality and behavior. This crucial stage in a child's development happens to be their school years; for it to be successful means that the student is given the proper education and direction towards an appropriate career path. Studies reveal that many people spend the first half of their lives pursuing careers in fields which do not interest them at all. So why not take some time out now to consider options before taking on new paths professionally? There are many things to consider but perhaps this helps you narrow down your choices…


Career planning is an exercise that everyone must at least consider in their lifetime. This covers all aspects of your work life, and while you may not be thinking about a working at this exact time, you never know what your capabilities might lead you to in the future. School is said to be valuable for laying down foundational frameworks for future growth and development. And because school has been around for pretty much as long as we've been living on Earth, it can serve as an ideal platform for exposing young people to different career paths which could spark interest early in life - by starting much like a hobby with basic projects or by creating simulated environments which present working situations and problems to overcome. While attending school doesn't necessarily mean you have any particular future job in mind, being aware of the many opportunities afforded by school motivates kids to do their part.



So why not start beforehand?

Career guidance in school


Nowadays, there are so many job options to choose from. Between the likes of a teacher and an engineer, aspiring students need to pick which career path they wish to take at an early age in order to prepare themselves accordingly. Thanks to the International Baccalaureate Career Programme (IBCP) , this decision is made easier as the IB has created a two – year course that focuses on guiding students in their choice of career path early on in life. Career options have flooded the market hence the changes in the New Education Policy 2020 which emphasises on skill development and vocational education. This allows students to develop an exposure to what awaits them in the Career World.,of%20schools%20across%20the%20world.



So what can schools and parents do to prepare students for the appropriate career choice?


1.  Psychometric Tests


The science of psychology describes the human personality and mental processes. Understanding these can help you to better deal with people and predict their behavior which is crucial for making informed decisions. So let's break down psychometric tests , an important part of the scientific study of psychology, in terms of WHY?, WHAT? and HOW?


Why are Psychometric test for students important?


Picking a career path can be challenging for young students, but luckily there are psychometric tests that can help by providing valuable insight and information concerning personality traits, potential talents and passions. As a result of analysing such data, children would often be able to choose their stream for Class 11 and 12. These tests can actually provide a clear vision of paths initially not considered.


The importance of psychometric tests

·  Psychometric tests will be helpful for the students from Class 8 to Class 12. This is the phase where children develop new perspectives and attitudes towards what they study. It helps students choose their stream for Class 11 and 12. It provides a clear idea of potential, talent, passion and the appropriate career.


How do Psychometric test for students help them to choose a career?


A psychometric test focuses on a candidate's ability to read other people and their emotions, traits, anxiety and stress levels, social skills, the ability to deal with stressful situations and critical thinking. These tests are offered online or can be administered in person by academic career counselors. Consults with these professionals will help students explore different course options available to them as well as provide parents with additional information they need to make an informed decision about their child's future.

What’s NCFE Doing?


Provides a platform for Psychometric testing in the comfort of school as a  mandate for all students of Grades 8-12.


2.  Guidance and Counseling

Because every child is different and has different aspirations and abilities, a personalised career plan for your child will be drawn out based on:

·  the psychometric test results.

·  interaction with parents and the student

What’s NCFE Doing?


Provides a variety of optional programmes for career guidance and counseling. Reach out to the School Principal for inputs.


3.  Profile Building

Profile Buildingwith mentorship program

  In today’s competitive education landscape, building a holistic and impressive profile has become imperative, not just for International universities, but for many Indian universities as well. We are now looking at an era in which textual and rote learning is being replaced with skill development and real-world problem-solving skills.

What’s NCFE Doing?


Our unique Profile building program ‘ Edge’ lives up to its name by helping children immerse themselves in activities that not only help them understand the nuances of the careers they are selecting, but also help them build a body of work that gives them a competitive edge and makes their applications stand out.



4.  Groundwork for College Preparation

Applying to colleges in India or abroad can be a confusing and stressful process. The Indian Education landscape is undergoing a lot of changes, especially with the New Education Policy 2020 coming into play. It is therefore vital that we have a clear understanding of the system and don’t waste precious time and energy just figuring out the processes.

What’s NCFE Doing?


We provide support in the following:


                          ·  Personalized competitive exam coaching programs (SAT, IELTS,JEE,NEET,BBA etc).

                          ·  We help you by not just suggesting which courses to apply to but also help find the right fit for your child in various modes of education-liberal 

                              arts, traditional university setups etc. while keeping in mind his/her future career goals.

·  We conduct classes for competitive exams for different exams in India. A complete SAT & IELTS preparation program from experts in the given areas to bring out the best from the students. Full-length Official SAT mock tests & all 4 segments of IELTS are monitored online & replicating examination scenario.

What can parents do?

Get in touch with the school, and speak to them about ways they can prepare your child for the career industry. To aid, research a program that helps students learn all about careers, what different careers entail and tips on how students can best gear up for their chosen career!



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