NCFE has turned 'Sweet Sixteen'

11.03.22 10:35 AM

NCFE has turned 'Sweet Sixteen'

Dear NCFE Community

This month, I would like to take a gap from the concept of “Decoding the NEP for parents” though we are in the last series of the topic.

16 years of NCFE or Sweet Sixteen comes once in a lifetime.

When you look back in time to 2006, a visionary launched this school to educate children to face life in the real sense – to adapt to the roles in life that children will face one day. The multiple roles could revolve around being a good friend, a brother, a sister, a spouse, a parent and a good employee or businessman. We extend our gratitude to Sir – Dr. N VijayaKumar and family for this valuable move of theirs.

A coincidence that came to mind - The Human Rights Council which is one of the bodies of the United Nations was formed in 2006 with an agenda to provide people their rights – be it education, to be fair and just and to live well.

At around the same time, NCFE took birth to provide education for the community of our area and beyond. It was set up with a zeal to connect with staff, faculty, parents, and students. It has continued this endeavor besides the ups and downs and will continue this as its mission and purpose.

As we recount and rewind to cherish yet move forward, I wish to personify NCFE. 

She has been through the survival cycle of any human being. 
As a toddler – she looked up for support to stand up – be it mentors, parents or teachers. 
As a child – she looked up to gain from enhanced knowledge and learning from every small experience – be it good or bad or just about anything. 
As a youth today – she has matured and is on the brink of adulthood. She now has the freshness, the vigor, the spirit of a youth.

Robert Kennedy, a politician and lawyer of the 1960’s defines youth accordingly -“This world demands the qualities of youth: not a time of life but a state of mind, a temper of the will, a quality of imagination, a predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite for adventure over the life of ease."

The above quote truly relieves the fact that the appropriate mindset is the catalyst to success. A mindset that allows one to be determined, imagine, be bold, and have a zeal for curiosity and discovery.

At NCFE, we are always evolving. A constant state of metamorphosis. Changing from one beautiful form to another. Ready to take on new challenges and building our skills and practice the above said ‘mindset’.

The COVID- 19 pandemic has unleashed the humongous calamity that humanity has ever faced. As I analyse and decipher thoughts, feelings, reactions and responses that are being displayed on varied platforms, it is very evident that the pandemic has only made us think and behave with anxiety and not rationale. 

Education is one of the prime catalyst in the building of a future India. The foremost foundation of education is to remove darkness and doubt. Education is the pivot on which the future of a generation lies, the base on which a country’s economic and global growth flourishes.

NCFE is well prepared for this and will continue its endeavour to empower ourselves and others who are in our care.
This is our vision of our future fit school.
A new classroom. A new world. 
New ideas and new confidence.
All with the same-old relentless strive for excellence.

Parents, you have supported us throughout these years, we at NCFE extend our gratitude to you.

School leadership, teachers and administrative staff - without you NCFE could not have taken this journey. We humbly salute you for your work and commitment. 

Students, use the opportunity to make the most of your learning and grow with no limits in exhibiting your potential.

In conclusion, this newsletter reflects the meaningful journey of NCFE with its constant positive mindset to learn and grow.
Serving you,

Ms. Sunalini Benjamin
Chief Operating Officer