New Age Education @ VKGI

14.11.20 03:10 PM
A blessing in Disguise! The Pandemic has enforced new age education – breaking new ground in skill development and learning. As a cocoon transforms into a graceful butterfly so also educationists have transformed traditional teaching to hybrid teaching.

Schools’ Board of Management have spearheaded this magnificent transformation with grit and agility.  A few lessons learnt from the transformation of a cocoon to a butterfly are:

1.Selfless Service
One needs to destroy oneself in the process of unlearning and new learning. Resilience and patience are sure shots of success.

2. Multiple needs and requirements, One Vision
Needs and wants do vary from student to parent and the School delivers this with extreme tolerance, diligence and concern, with focus on the Vision.

3. Awe- Inspiring Transformation
Our teachers at work transform their worst fears into priceless expressions of liberation.

The Hybrid form of learning resonates with the prerequisites of the incoming age of education. The right mix for new age education involves traditional values of education along with online tools of delivery.

VKGI is humbled to have been through the transformation from a cocoon to a butterfly in the last eight months; involving great effort, smart work, agility and speed in adapting to the new norms of education.

One Dream, One Team!

Board of Management